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Six Month Braces Smile

6 months braces is a gimmick to lure patients into the general dentist office. There are many phase 1 cases that qualify but very few adult cases that can benefit from only six months of treatment. If you only need six months to correct your smile, your teeth are barely crooked; but there are some adults that can benefit from six-months of braces. If you are one of them, the orthodontist is the best qualified individual to give that advise.

Typically, the first 6 months of treatment are the easiest for any orthodontist. It’s the remaining time in braces that gives the beautiful smile along with a good bite for a lifetime. Besides the experience and having the correct treatment for the patient at the start of treatment, it’s the remaining 2/3 of time spent in braces finessing the teeth that sets orthodontist apart from each other.

Moving teeth at a fast rate can damage the roots and set the case up for instability in the long run. It’s this instability that causes the patient to need braces a second time. Just as every patient wants to get done as quick as possible, every orthodontist want straight teeth to last a lifetime.