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Face-Jaw, Teeth & Treat

Seeing the problem is the first step to treating and getting a great result. The next step is the experience of the doctor and the execution. Anyone can say you need a rocket to get to the moon, very few can make that rocket.

Anterior Posterior Face and Jaw

Class 1 Face/Jaw: Balanced

Class 2 Face/Jaw: Overjet

Class 3 Face/Jaw: Underbite

Transverse Face and Jaw

1. No Crossbite: Balanced

2. Mild Crossbite

3. Full Crossbite


1. Mild Crowding

2. Moderate Crowding

3. Severe Crowding


1. Braces

Traditional braces, Clear (Ceramic) braces, Invisalign


2. Teeth Removal

Yes, No, Maybe



3. Appliance

Palatal expander, Class 2 corrector (Forsus, Herbest), Protraction (reverse) faceask, Space Maintainer

The final outcome is dependent on the experience of the orthodontist, not the braces or the appliance used. Braces should be correctly done the first time.

Ask if your orthodontist is a Board Certified Orthodontist.