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Crowding Of The Teeth

Teeth Classification Overview

Overcrowding of the teeth can be caused when the number of teeth do not fit in the space allowed by the jaw itself. Crowding happens when the teeth take up more space than the jaws allowed, or if the teeth themselves are larger than they should be. Crowding can be caused due to an early or late loss of teeth, or improper timing of teeth growth. If you are concerned about dental crowding, call our office to get a consultation.

Correcting crowding is crucial because it can:

  • Cause issues with enamel cleaning
  • Lead to dental decay
  • Increase your chances of periodontal disease
  • Hinder the natural function of your teeth
  • Lead to smile discrepancies

Correcting Crowding

Dental space can be created with expansion, or through tooth extraction. After space has been made by your dentist, braces can be used to realign the teeth and lead to a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Correcting crowding prevents dental decay, periodontal disease, and can make it easier to maintain your dental hygiene by increasing the exposed enamel space of the teeth.

Dental Spacing

Spacing, much like the name suggests, is caused by excessive space between your teeth which appears as gaps. It is the antithesis of overcrowding. Spacings happen when the teeth are smaller than the jawline allows, or due to teeth protrusion or extraction. Abnormalities in tissue attachment can also cause spacing issues.

Correcting spacing is necessary because it can:

  • Cause gum issues due to excess space
  • Cause issues with dental functionality
  • Disrupt the aesthetic of your smile

Correcting Dental Spacing Orthodontically

Spacing can be fixed by moving the teeth together using braces to correct the arch itself, and remove the gaps between individual teeth.