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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatments in Adults and Children

Overview of Teeth Classification

Orthodontics focuses on diagnostic treatments of dental irregularities, as well as facial structural issues. Orthodontic treatment can lead to fantastic and dramatic results, such as enhanced dental quality, improved dental health, and aesthetically pleasing smiles for all ages. Orthodontic issues must be diagnosed before treatment can begin. Orthodontic issues may be caused by genetic or environmental factors. Diagnosis are made through photographs, x-rays, dental impressions, and face-to-face consultation with our dental team in order to make sure we provide the best treatment possible for our patients.

The process of achieving a new beautiful smile involves not only straightening of the teeth, but also paying close attention to the shape and position of each tooth and it’s relation to each other and your face. To accomplish this, Dr. Melendez meets with each patient at each visit. Also, Dr. Melendez’s finishing processes goes beyond just tooth alignment, but also improving the shape, positioning and look of each tooth. The result is not just a better smile, but a beautiful smile.

Orthodontic treatment can last up to 30 months, depending on the age, severity, and dental issues, as well as the amount the patient adheres to dental instructions. Coordination between your desires and our treatments is crucial to us. We work hard to ensure you get the best treatment possible from our office.

Timing Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Melendez offers orthodontic treatment options to children, adolescents, and adults. We operate under the guidelines of the American Association of Orthodontics, and recommend an orthodontic examination by age seven for all children, in order to best diagnose long-term treatment options.

We offer progressive treatments for patients between the ages of 7-11 years old, which have been proven to show marked improvements for patients suffering from jaw irregularities. Early treatment may prevent the development of later issues and guard against the problems becoming worse. Treatment during the early life of a child allows us to work within the growth stages, and allows us to influence the development of bone growth in order to achieve results not possible later in life. This can help prevent further treatment for your child down the road.

Dr. Melendez will use his extensive training and expertise to determine if a child is ready for orthodontic treatment. At Oak Tree Orthodontist, we make sure not to start a child’s treatment too early. We treat children at their most opportune time according to their growth, development and the severity of their problems. By waiting for this time, the treatment plan is the most efficient and economical.