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Digital Impressions

In addition to having the most updated radiograph machine, Oak Tree Orthodontist has the latest digital scanner. The scanner uses photos that overlay each other to render 3D models. No x-rays are used, just photos similar to a camera.

Invisalign or clear correct patients typically require impressions to remain in the mouth for 10 minutes, with the scanner this can now be done within minutes. The digital scanner eliminates the gag reflex for those patients that could never get impressions and thereby could never get braces. Unlike impressions, where a patient must sit still for a specific period of time, scanning allows the patient to relax and if need be, take a break as often as they desire. To achieve the best results with invisalign, new impressions are typically done 5 times over the entire treatment. This translates into having an impression in the mouth for 50 minutes or just 10 minutes with the scanner.

Digital impressions, scanning, can now be used in conjunction with radiographs to predict the best jaw surgery outcome.